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We are memorizing A-Z

February 3, 2012

Sunday School at Durham is beginning this Sunday, February 5 at 9:30 am. All children and youth get to meet in new rooms for Sunday School. Kids will be in the new classrooms on the main level, youth will meet upstairs in the cupola room.

This is a wonderful time to learn the truths of the Gospel. We have Sunday School for preschool-5th grade in the kid classrooms. If you have a younger child that you’d like to be in the nursery during the Sunday School hour, let me know,

We really want to encourage Scripture Memory! Each week if a child says a verse from the Bible, he receives a weekly prize and a sticker on the chart that builds up to the end of the semester for a Scripture Memory party! Last year we celebrated Scripture Memory by having a donut hole party! For each verse/passage memorized, one donut hole would be given. Some children had up to 14 donut holes! Just wait and see what this year’s party will be!

A mom at church passed along this great blog with printable Bible verse cards. So we have Scripture Memory packets for each child/family who would like one. However, this is just a tool for those who are not already memorizing Scripture with their children. If your child is already memorizing Scripture at school or other verses at home, please feel free to have them say those verses during Sunday School as well. We want everyone memorizing God’s Word!

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