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Ornaments 4 Orphans

October 12, 2011

Buy an ornament. Bless a child.

Add something unique and meaningful to your family’s Christmas tree this year,”spreading glad tidings of great joy” to children who desperately need the truth of Christmas.

Ornaments4Orphans partners with Pearl Ministries, an organization that Rock Creek Fellowship supports.

Today in sub-Saharan Africa there are 12 million children who have been orphaned due to AIDS. Countless more face unspeakable hardship and life on the streets due to poverty. Christmas is a time to celebrate the life, hope and peace brought to mankind through the birth of Jesus Christ. He entered the world as a humble and vulnerable baby, leaving behind His Heavenly home and Father to live and die for us. The generosity of the Lord should inspire His church to continue to spread “glad tidings of great joy to all people.” What better time is there to generously extend love to the least of these suffering around the globe? Help brighten their Christmas and their futures by giving toward their basic needs in Jesus’ Name. Ornaments4Orphans is an initiative of Pearl Ministries, a non-profit that helps orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda through gospel-centered, holistic development of family and community in partnership with indigenous ministries and churches.  Funds raised through Ornaments4Orphans go to Pearl Ministries’ work of caring for the children of Uganda. Read more about the specific efforts of Pearl Ministries and it’s partners at

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