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Kids getting involved in missions

September 6, 2011

Recently the Dubles and Sandhoffs had the wonderful opportunity to visit the orphanage Maison des Enfants de Dieu in Haiti. Rock Creek had a Haiti vision night during one of our Wednesday night dinners this summer where these two families shared about their trip. They showed pictures of these joyful children and spoke of how thankful the children were even when they had just enough to live on and only a few possessions of their own. Hearing Troy, Sarah, Jeff, and Sandra speak about their passion and love for the orphans in Haiti makes me really want to get our kids at RCF involved in missions.

Kyra, Troy and Sarah’s oldest daughter who is in middle school, also went on the trip to Haiti. At the Haiti vision night, she shared a few of her own thoughts on what the Lord was doing at Maison des Enfants de Dieu and in Haiti. Our kids are not too young to really grasp and understand how awesome the Lord is and that he is continually at work!

Each month in Sunday School at RCF Durham Road, we will highlight a missionary family/group who Rock Creek supports. We want to help our kids know what God’s people are doing around the world to share the gospel. Making missions education a strong component of our ministry is extremely valuable.

We want our children to be messengers for Christ. Kids can pray for others: missionaries, their families, and the church’s effort to spread the good news.  2 John 1: 4 says, “It has given me great joy to find some of your children walking in the truth, just as the Father commanded us.” At RCF we want to open children’s hearts to the needs of others and for our children:

1. To hear the exciting stories of how God is at work in our world.

2. To learn how to pray for others.

3. To learn how to give.

How to pray for Maison des Enfants de Dieu:

  • Praise the Lord for a clean house for the orphans that is an oasis of hope
  • Praise for nannies and caretakers who are filled with love for the children
  • Praise for Pierre and his work as the Director of Maison.
  • Pray for money to build a bigger space to house more children. (Each month, due to limited space and financial ability, the orphanage turns away over 80 children whose parents stand in line for sometimes hours to bring their children in because they can not afford to care for them.)
  • Pray for families to adopt these orphans.

Tour of the Orphanage

View the story of how the 80 orphans came home, as told by CNN.

Story on January 20, 2010, concerning Masion Des Enfants De Dieu.  The orphanage manager featured in the story, is Pastor Pierre Alexis.

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